Former Interns

Ms. GIORGIA GRECHI (23, Italy) launched her CCOE internship within the Lessons Learned and Development Branch (LL/Dev) in October 2016. Her main tasks were the preparation, execution and evaluation of the Lessons Learned workshop for tactical CIMIC units. This will be done in close cooperation with the Multinational CIMIC Group. She also supported the development of a Lessons Learned module in the NATO CIMIC Higher Command Course and in the selection of a suitable case study.

Giorgia  graduated in “International Studies and European Institutions” at the University of Milan, just as current CCOE intern Monica de Astis, who is working in the Public Affairs department of the CCOE.  Currently, she is a Master’s student in International Cooperation and Development at the “Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore” in Milan. During her academic career she developed a strong interest in various related subjects: international law, human rights, international relations and post-conflict and emergency management.

Before joining the CCOE, Giorgia engaged in varied opportunities to develop her professional credentials. In 2013, she worked as an intern in “Law and Human Rights” in Cordoba (ARG), where she conducted research for her thesis on the violation of human rights during the last military dictatorship in Argentina. In October 2015 she attend the “Functional Specialist Course” at the Multinational CIMIC Group in Motta di Livenza (ITA). Finally, in the summer of 2016 she worked in Haiti, in a neighborhood on the outskirts of the capitol Port-Au-Prince, on issues in “Cooperation and Development”.

Mr. Patrick “Paddy” Considine (34, USA) began his CCOE internship at the Concepts, Interoperability and Capability (CIC) Branch in March 2017. There he supported the syndicate Development and Planning of the Community of Interest (COI) conference in Riga, Latvia in mid-May 2017.

“Paddy” is currently in the second (and final) year of his postgraduate program at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. There he is studying a Masters in Development Practice (MDP) program, which is part of a network of 31 similar postgraduate programs worldwide. The MDP program, created by special economic advisor to the Uited Nations (UN), Jeffrey Sachs, provides students an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable development and the challenges inherent to the UN Sustainable Development Agenda 2030. Prior to moving to Dublin, he lived and worked in Germany for almost nine years within the US Army.

Additionally, “Paddy” has a “second life” – as a Major in the United States Army Reserves. As a reservist, he has been a Civil Affairs officer (US version of CIMIC) for almost seven years. Prior to joining the Reserves, he was a full-time Soldier in the Infantry for five years. His undergraduate program was at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York. “Paddy” has spent almost 16 months total working in Afghanistan and has Civil Affairs experience supporting various exercises and training events across Europe and Tanzania.

In his off-time, he loves to travel – having visited 45 countries across 5 continents. As the “sole American” at the CCOE, “Paddy” understands the need to be an ambassador for his country and takes this responsibility seriously. Originally from the great state of Oklahoma, he was taught at an early age to never turn down a potential new friend or life experience. » read more