Modelling and Simulation (M&S)

Modelling and simulation is one of the projects resulting from Training & Education Branch (T&E)  aspiration to create more advanced and attractive training in the future. Civil-military-cooperation (CIMIC) competences (critical thinking, problem-solving, liaison) will be boosted by testing them in the contemporary environments (hybrid warfare, capacity building, collective defense). The aim of challenging our students is met by posing relevant questions and exercising the answers.

In a 4 year time frame we want to achieve following objectives:

  • Create a battle lab culture enabling trial-and-error experimentation, education, training, exercises;
  • Make scenarios more realistic by adding the individual and societal resilience factor into the interaction with the population;
  • Develop the competences of critical and creative thinking for problem-solving and countering challenges which require attitude change;
  • Provide a test-bed for conceptual developments;
  • Design table-top simulations of current challenges facing NATO to recognize different courses of action;
  • Introduce CIMIC elements into Computer Assisted Exercises (CAX).