Annual Discipline Conference 2019
15. & 16. May 2019 in The Hague, The Netherlands

The purpose of the Conference is this time unique. December 2018 ACT Joint Force Development (JFD) executed a second Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) on the CIMIC/CMI discipline. Civil Preparedness as a topic has been add to the CIMIC/CMI discipline.

The Conference will provide an update of the developments of the discipline since the previous ADC in Rome in 2018. This will be including the December 2018 TRA.

A presentation of the training requirements as a result of this latest TRA and an update on the unchanged and open requirements of 2015 will be part of the program. An overview of the existing training opportunities will be given.

Most important the need for matching training solutions for the revised and new requirements are key and be validated at the ADC. Participants are welcomed to propose new training opportunities or announce their interest in the future work needed within the discipline.