The CCOE facilitates a series of seminars aimed at combining expertise for the development of new concepts and doctrines. The CCOE enjoys academic freedom in determining the subjects of its seminars and in choosing speakers and inviting participants.

The purpose of organizing seminars is to present up-to-date information on specific subjects in the field of international Civil-Military Cooperation and relations. The diverse mix of participants is designed to enhance discussion on specific subjects like Good Governance, NATO Provincial Reconstruction Teams, Gender issues and coping with culture, to create new perspectives and to extend the network of the CIMIC Subject Matter Experts. As a result of these seminars, articles and papers are being produced to promote further discussion and provide information of immediate operational relevance with an appropriate basic academic background.

Additionally, the CCOE contributes with its expertise to external seminars by sending dedicated CIMIC experts. They are sharing their expertise and their experience in all CIMIC related subjects.

For the future, the CCOE will continue to promote the ideas and findings of the seminars among relevant institutions and individuals, and emphasize the value of mutual understanding.