A new Intern has arrived at CCOE

Alejandro Royo Trallero will be working from September through December 2014, with CCOE’s Public Affairs Office (PAO). He will carry out a project which is mainly focused on CCOE’s marketing approach. He will analyze marketing activities of the CCOE in order to develop a guideline for future activities. The outcome of the internship will be a Marketing Plan for 2015 and internal Staff procedure for developing future annual Marketing Plans at CCOE.
Mr. Royo graduated from Old Dominion University (USA) in May 2014, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration studying a double major on International Business, and Business Management. During his college stage he was Fundraiser Director of the American Marketing Association for the Old Dominion University chapter, collaborating on the organization of charity events such as the Samaritan House.
He has worked as an intern with NATO Allied Command Operations (ACO) Civil-Military Fusion Center as an assistant desk officer collaborating with the Afghanistan Team, from September through November 2013, where he developed PMESII/ASCOPE reports (Political, Military, Economic, Social, Information, Infrastructure/ Area, Structure, Capabilities, Organizations, People, Events) on the surrounding Middle East countries of Afghanistan.
He was part of the NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Innovation Hub from November 2013 through July 2014 as a content manager on Knowledge Development as well as audiovisual and videoconferencing technology support and the organization of NATO social media online training such as the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) project.