Cadets and students introduced to the world of CMI and CIMIC

Cadet Event_230 cadets and 3 civilian students representing Germany, Hungary, The Netherlands, Poland and the United States of America are joining the International Cadet Event carried out by the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) in the Hague, The Netherlands.
This annual event is part of the CCOE’s academic framework, supposed to connect the universities of the sponsoring nations with the CCOE.

Moreover, this event allows the CCOE to introduce the world of Civil Military Interaction (CMI) and Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) at a very early stage of the attendees carrier.  The attendees are getting introduced to a wide range of topics applying a variety of modern learning methods, e.g. case studies, role plays and simulations.

Indeed, this event is not meant to make the cadets and students experts in the field of CMI and CIMIC, it rather serves to get them confronted with the challenges deriving from a modern operational environment where non-kinetic disciplines are as important as kinetic ones.


 Article is written by CCOE/ T&E Branch, Capt. Ralf Baur (DEU)