Centres of Excellence Directors share Best Practices

The annual Centres of Excellence Directors Conference took place from 07-09 October 2014 in Oradea, Romania. The Human Intelligence Centre of Excellence (HUMINT COE) has been the host of that conference.

Mantra of the conference was to hold an event by Centre of Excellence (COE) Directors for COE Directors to create a venue to formulate common opinions and to share Best Practices. This set the basis for an atmosphere of mutual trust and combined efforts to enhance the visibility of all NATO COEs.

One of the CIMIC Centre of Excellence contributions to the conference was the introduction of an academic project. Central topic is the question how to measure benefits of NATO Centres of Excellence. This proofed to be of importance for all 20 COEs and led to a vital discussion and positive feedback.

The event was closed by a speech of Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges, who highlighted the importance of COEs as “the future drivers of NATO Transformation.” The Director of CIMIC Centre of Excellence, Colonel Roel Been, thanks the Director of the HUMINT COE, Colonel Eduard Simion, for his great hospitality and would be honored to host the COE Directors Conference next year.”