Children and Armed Conflict Read more in the 3rd CIMIC Messenger.

The CIMIC messenger role is to inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners on relevant and current issues within the world of civil military interaction and CIMIC.

This third issue will focus on children and armed conflict. Armed conflicts can have tremendous effects on the civilian population. Children are among the most vulnerable parts of the population and deserve the best protection against a conflict they are innocently trapped in and might change or destroy their lives. Therefore, the topic of children and armed conflict is an issue that concerns us all, whether you are part of an organization, civilian or military. I speak out the hope that all of us working in the civil military dimension strive for a comprehensive approach to provide the best protection for children in an armed conflict situation. Let this messenger be a starting point to continue discussion, exchange of knowledge, information and most of all cooperation on the topic of children and armed conflict.


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