Developing a NATO doctrine – Observations

The CCOE is the custodian for the Allied Joint Publication (AJP) 3.19 regarding Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC). As custodian CCOE was responsible to revise the last version of the AJP in the last few years. The purpose of this publication is to provide a synthetic overview on NATO CIMIC doctrine in association with its development and revision.

The preliminary argumentation of the paper emphasizes the original and modest objective of doctrine and adumbrates an envisaged positive change in this arena. The elaboration on the doctrinal system of NATO is compulsory in order to provide foundation and vocabulary (terminology) for the rest of the document as well as to understand doctrine revision process within the Alliance. This descriptive part comprises structure, relevant and involved entities, phases of doctrine lifecycle, and categories of comments.

The core element of the publication displays NATO CIMIC from two perspectives. The procedural (doctrinal) part gives a factual overview on the revision process between the period 2008-2014, highlighting unforeseen obstacles and decision points. The part related to the content of the doctrine does not intend to give explanation on the new joint publication line by line but to underpin crucial changes and added values within the development process (from AJP-9 to AJP-3.19).

The publication can be used to preserve corporate knowledge on NATO CIMIC doctrine and to provide starting point for the next revision. The findings may be useful for other functional areas as well within the NATO doctrinal community.

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