High CCOE quality standards approved by NATO

We are proud to announce that the CIMIC Centre of Excellence (CCOE) has been granted “Unconditional Accreditation” within NATO Quality Assurance.

The Certificate was signed on behalf of NATOs Joint Force Trainer on 27 June 2014. The document certifies CCOEs highest quality NATO Education and Training as well as academic standards and innovative solutions and initiatives. It is valid for the next six years until 27 June 2020.

This achievement is of importance for the CCOE and its Sponsoring Nations. It reflects one out of three relevant criteria:

  • CCOE System Accreditation as a Training Institute based on the Bi-Strategic Command (Bi-SC) 75-7 requirements within NATO Quality Assurance every 6 years.
  • It is just one element next to the Periodic Assessment which is addressing the NATO Centre Of Excellence (COE) Accreditation every 3 years, and
  • the official NATO CIMIC Department Head nomination (now through North Atlantic Council (NAC) as CCOE is not part of NATO Command Structure).

The CCOE is a multinational sponsored, NATO accredited, Centre of Excellence. It provides added value, innovative and timely advice, and subject matter expertise on CIMIC for both civilian and military customers. The primary focuses of the organization’s efforts are in enhanced education and training along with conceptual and doctrinal development.

Please see the Quality Assurance Accreditation Certificate and all relevant documents on the page Quality Management.