Hungary visited by the director of CCOE

Colonel Wiebe Baron (NLD A) paid an official visit to Hungary on 26 and 27 March 2014. During the weighty program, planned and coordinated by Hungarian Defence Forces Joint Force Command (HDF JFC) J9 CIMIC-PSYOPS-INFOOPS, the director met relevant decision makers from each level of the chain of command and beyond (MoD; JFC/Land Forces; J9 and CIMIC unit; Academia).

The objective of the visit was twofold. First of all to conduct professional consultations with the CIMIC community as primary target audience. Secondly, to promote CCOE also outside of the CIMIC arena and hereby stimulate sponsoring nations to make a better use of its sponsorship.

The successful meetings resulted further action points on the field of CIMIC related training on functional planning in terms of EU BG preparation; reactivation of the Comprehensive Approach Specialist Support (COMPASS) Course; possible S&R training; academic lecture support on CMI/CIMIC etc.

Based on the effective discussions and positive outcomes CCOE intends to continue visiting its sponsoring nations at directorate level in order to maintain relationship and increase prominence.