Representatives from the United Nations, NATO, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, Overseas Development Institute, Danish Institute for International Studies, Blue Shield and other organizations met at CIMIC Centre of Excellence (CCOE), The Hague, from 18th to 20th November 2014, to hold a conference on Human Security. The delegation attending the seminar discussed a range of topics including: Protection of Civilians, Cultural Property Protection and Environmental Protection.

NATO has continued to strive to play its role within the international community, as it expressed with its approval of the Comprehensive Approach Action plan in 2008. The plan covers a number of key areas and it highlights the need for NATO to interact more appropriately with various players in the international community such as: the involvement of International Organisations, Non Governmental and Governmental organisations in exercises; joint training with other organisations in structured courses; development of joint courses; formal and informal dialogue; and various workshops on targeted topics. To this end the Human Security Seminar organised at CIMIC Centre of Excellence over these two days has accentuated three key areas where interaction with other organisations is essential.Panel Discussion_4_B&W

Picture by CCOE PAO: Panel Discussion

In his opening remarks Brigadier General Hoxha, SHAPE ACOS J9, noted that at the dawn of the twenty-first century, a new understanding of security is emerging, in which the need for a more human-centred approach is paramount. “To take this forward we must all work to truly understand what we mean by human security”, he said. The complexity of today’s security challenges has required a broader dialogue between NATO and non military actors.

The aim of the Seminar was threefold: to freely exchange ideas, to educate all participants on various perspectives relating to the key areas of discussion and document and where possible address challenges. It is important that NATO continues to raise awareness and bring to the attention of the whole ACO and ACT community to the recent developments in practices and standards in protection. This seminar was a step in the right direction to truly discover what we mean by Human Security.

Story by Katarina Andabak, IO / NGO / Humanitarian Adviser Assistant, NATO SHAPE

Editorial Remarks:

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