CCOE Project Area

under construction

CCOE Restricted Project Area

This is a collaborative work area with restricted access. Project members use this password protected area to share their work.
If you are an invited project member and experience some difficulties to get access, please contact the respective POC.
If you like to contribute your expertise to a specific project mentioned here and you’re not already part of the team, please feel free to contact the respective POC.

CCOE Audio and Video Communication Platform

In this project the subscribed members can chat, talk and see each other. This is a proprietary system based on our web portal. There are more or less no requirements. Only a webcam is recommended and if you are in a very close environment the video and audio ports on the local firewall must be open.

CCOE CIMIC Field Handbook Project

This is the project development platform of the joint multinational CCOE CIMIC Field Handbook. For detailed information please contact the POC of this project.
Please send your draft parts or any other contributions by e-mail to the project group.

Director Collaboration Area

The Director of the CCOE is using this area for team work on documents.