Societal Resilience (16 DEC 2021)

Save the date for the next online seminar, “Societal Resilience – Conceptual observations meet practitioners’ experience”!

The seminar will entail presentations by experts from NATO HQ, academia and the field. By this, conceptual and practical expertise from different organisations will be brought together:

Ms Friederike Dahns, NATO HQ, Chair CEPC Working Group Civil Protection, Head of Unit DEU MoI

Professor Gunhild Hoogensen Gjørv, Peace and Conflict Studies/International Relations and Security Studies Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), Resilient Civilians Project Coordinator  

Ph.D. Nicholas Krohley, a practitioner of civil reconnaissance, with experience working on behalf of the US government and its allies around the world, principal of FrontLine Advisory

The presentations and moderated discussion round afterwards will focus on four guiding questions:

  • What is Resilience in general, and what is Societal Resilience in particular?
  • What does it need to strengthen Allied Nations societies?
  • How can NATO operationalise Societal Resilience?
  • How can Civil-Military Cooperation contribute to strengthening Societal Resilience?

More information will follow soon!

The seminar is open to the public and can be joined via WebEx. Feel free to share the invitation. No registration is required.
For questions, do not hesitate to contact us via