CIMIC & CMI Annual Discipline Conference 2016

From 17 to 19 May 2016, the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence will host the CIMIC & CMI Annual Discipline Conference 2016, in Vienna.

The Conference has three main purposes. First, to update the participants on the global programming process by Allied Command Transformation (ACT) and Allied Command Operations (ACO) related to CIMIC Education, Individual and Collective Training. Secondly, CCOE is providing a forum for the participants to address CIMIC & CMI topics. Finally, to coordinate CIMIC instructor and Subject Matter Experts (SME) support to (NATO) CIMIC Courses and Exercises within the community shaping the Instructor Support Plans for 2017.

Consequently the participants can influence:

    1. incorporation of current and future NATO requirements into the Training and Education Landscape
    2. prioritization of those requirements
    3. planning resources for training and exercises in 2017

and therefore contribute to NATO CIMIC & CMI Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP) 2017.

NCETC 2015_01

According to the discipline NATO CIMIC and CMI, CCOE is acting as the Department Head (DH) envisaged within the Military Committee Policy – MC 0458/3, which gives structure to Training and Education. Acting as DH, does not only mean that CCOE is responsible to conduct an Annual Discipline Conference (ADC) in order to capture the planned improvements, as identified during the Training Requirement / Needs Analysis (TRA/TNA) process in the Discipline Alignment Plan (DAP), but also that CCOE has sufficient expertise in the CIMIC and CMI discipline to manage training solutions and take part in the quality assurance processes.

The conference will be held in Vienna. Your registration is kindly requested NLT 25 April 2016. Please send your registration to the “Point of Contacts” top right. You find the registration forms top left. Should you need additional information please contact Captain Frank THIEME ( or or Mr Jonny ZENDERINK (

Within NATO, Training and Education is clearly structured. It follows the Military Committee Policy – MC 0458/3. The policy defines that there are two authorized bodies responsible for a discipline: the Requirements Authority (RA) and the Department Head (DH). The RA is responsible for identifying and managing the special NATO Education and Training requirements concerning the discipline. The DH is responsible to matching the requirements with NATO solutions and for the coordination of those solutions. For the discipline NATO CIMIC and CMI the RA is the Assistant Chief of Staff (ACOS) J9 of Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE). CCOE is acting as the DH. ACT acts as Joint Force Trainer.


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