CIMIC Messenger 2017-06

Dear Readers and Subscribers of the CIMIC-Messenger,

an intensive working year is close to its end. In 2017 we have shared and provided you with CMI/ CIMIC related topics and content whichwas produced and developed in our CIMIC-think tank or in close cooperation with our partners in the Community of Interest.

In this last CIMIC Messenger for 2017 we offer you:

  • a new CCOE leaflet “About us” with the new structure of the CCOE
  • a new fact sheet “Resilience”
  • a new fact sheet “Disaster Relief”
  • CCOE´s 2018 Course Calendar
  • a new fact sheet “Master of CMI”

For 2018 we are actual working on our Program of Work and Branch Plans. This will be also a year with a huge workload and special highlights; here to mention the Community of Interest Conference in ROME/ Italy “Strategic Direction South”, CCOE´s Reunion Day or the CCOE IO/ NGO Day with the handover of the “CIMIC Award of Excellence” (Remark: Do you know someone, an institution or a project for receiving this unique Award for his/hers engagement in the field of CMI/ CIMIC? Please let us know!)

We will inform you about all our activities, developments, projects and events within the following CIMIC Messengers in 2018.

Best regards


Andrè Werres

Public Affairs Officer and Chief Editor CIMIC Messenger


Disaster Relief – A CCOE Fact Sheet

Where does CIMIC fits in when a disaster happens ? Who does the CIMIC officer approach? What to do and what not to do?

A new CCOE factsheet is here to guide you when disaster strikes!

Resilience – A CCOE Fact Sheet

Resilience is an ever present part of life. Are we ready to be resilient? To be ready, you first have to know what resilience is.

The CCOE has made a back to basic factsheet that will give you the first insight in what resilience is.

Master of Civil-Military Interaction

The Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence has developed a graduate university degree: The Master of Civil-Military Interaction (CMI)

For the first time a NATO Centre of Excellence fully aligns its military education with civilian educational standards in a partnership with the Helmut-Schmidt University, Hamburg and our partners from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland and the Royal Danish Defence College in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Course Calendar for 2018

We wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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“See you in The Hague!”