CIMIC Messenger 2018-02

A New CCOE Fact Sheet – Women, Peace and Security (WPS)

The Concepts, Interoperability and Capability branch introduces their latest Fact sheet on Women, Peace and Security (WPS), it will help CIMIC personnel on different operational levels to get a better insight in WPS and how to deal with it during a mission if there is no expert available.

In 2019 more Factsheets will join the CCOE Factsheet Family, e.g. CIMIC and DDR, CIMIC and Rule of Law, CIMIC and SGBV and many more.

Find all CCOE Fact Sheets here.


CCOE Fact Sheets:

Women, Peace and Security / NATO Civil-Military Interaction / Good Governance and CIMIC / Building Integrity / Resilience / Disaster Relief / CIMIC 360 Degrees / Children and Armed Conflict / Cultural Property Protection


AJP 3.19 – Allied Joint Publication for civil-military cooperation handed over to the Director CCOE



The first copy of the new NATO doctrine on CIMIC, Allied Joint Publication for civil-military cooperation (AJP-3.19) was handed over by the custodian to the Director of the CCOE Colonel Wolfgang Paulik.

The AJP-3.19 was promulgated on the 9th of November and is now the official NATO doctrine for CIMIC and supersedes the AJP-3.4.9 from 2013.
The review process started in 2016, when the NATO nations decided to conduct a full revision of the current doctrine on CIMIC, under the leadership of the custodian, provided by the CIMIC COE, a writing team produced the new publication within the given timelines. The new doctrine is fundamental for understanding NATO CIMIC as a joint function and its application in all types of operations.

The major changes from the previous version can be found on the summary of changes sheet in the beginning of the publication.
You find the AJP 3.19 here.



Analysis Makes the Difference Workshop



The Workshop “Analysis Makes the Difference” from 16 – 18 October 2018, was organized together with partners by the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Centre of Excellence (CCOE). At the workshop 118 experts from the military and civilian sectors participated. The participants came from 31 countries and 65 military and civilian organizations.
The overall aim of the workshop was to strengthen cooperation between military and civilian spheres by enhancing mutual trust and confidence between NATO, its partners, and other international and local actors. The workshop overall topics were:

  1. Military and Civilian approaches to Analysis of the Civil Environment- including Conflict Analysis;
  2. Discussions on Collective Defence, Resilience Building, Stability Operations with illustrative cases from Mali, Syria and North Eastern Europe Areas;
  3. Enhancing the CIMIC Lessons Learned Community/Mindset; and
  4. Improvement of concepts, and architectures for Civil-Military (CIV-MIL) Information Sharing.

The participants were divided into three syndicates and the overall impressions were as follows:

Syndicate 1: Comprehensive Analysis. To get a holistic picture of the environment, it is more about asking the right questions and not so much the analysis technique used.

Syndicate 2: CIV-MIL Lessons Learned. It is important not only to strengthen the military CIMIC LL community but also to involve the civilian LL community.

Syndicate 3: CIV-MIL Information Sharing. We don’t need to develop a new Information Management platform or systems but we need to change the mindset.

For all three syndicates is was stated that it is important that the military and the non-military organizations meet, exchange knowledge and build relationships so that over time all stakeholders have a common understanding of each other and that a strengthened cooperation is necessary for the future. The workshop has shown that the CCOE is an appropriate independent networking hub to discuss topics of mutual interest for the military and civil sphere.


CCOE Donating for a good cause



Christmas time is a time of thoughtfulness, of unhurriedness and the family. Children get their presents and the adults enjoy their time among the family and relatives. Unfortunately not every child spends their Christmas days in that manner. Beginning of December, just after “Sinterklaas”, donated the CCOE small gifts and accumulated 1.500 € to a charity that offers children a new life.

Helping, where help is needed

The original idea of the director was, to find a charity or an organization that we could support with small gifts or with donations on a long term basis. On Facebook we discovered the “Dushi Huis Stifting” in the Hague. The Director, Colonel i.G. Wolgang Paulik, took the chance to go with a small international delegation to the children and the persons in charge to hand over our donation.


The CCOE donates for Dushi Huis

Small charity offers kids a new life

It is one out of four houses, that provides children in unfortunate situations with a new home. Seven children with very different biography’s, ranging from 8 to 15 years old, found a new permanent home in this house. They´ve been taken care of 24 hours, 7 days a week from their so called “adults”. After a previous visit and a long chat with the “adults”, we decided to buy them a new television and donate money for the community.

American style auction crowns the conclusion of our collection

Our colleagues and comrades donated in smaller and bigger amounts the whole year for a good cause. Crowning conclusion to this collection was an auction where a variety of things got sold. Donated toys, sports clothing and specialties from different nations for example, to raise a little bit more for the good cause.

If You want to help too

Visit the website of the “Dushi Huis” and donate easily and quickly:


“There is only one world, and this is the world we design ourselves.”

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


“Happy, happy Christmas, that can win us back to the delusion of our childish days;
that can recall to the old man the pleasure of his youth;
that can transport the sailor and the traveler, thousands of miles away,
back to his own fire-side and his quiet home!”

Charls Dickins


The CCOE CIMIC Messenger is a publication of the CIMIC Centre of Excellence. Ist dedicated aim is to provide a Forum or platform for stimulating and presenting innovative and comprehensive thinking on NATO CIMIC and Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) related issues such as Mission experiences, concepts, doctrine or lessons learned. The views and opinions expressed or implied in the CCOE CIMIC Messenger are those of the authors and should not be constued as carrying the official sanction of NATO, of any national armed Forces or those of CCOE.

“See you in The Hague!”