CIMIC Messenger 2018-01

Dear CMI Community,

after a busy and successful year 2017 the CCOE is now deep-diving into new challenges for 2018. Some of those topics you will be informed about inside this new CIMIC Messenger.

The Community of Interest Conference 2018 in May is traditionally our meeting, where we discuss and develop CIMIC & CMI content. I hope, to see many of you there in Rome at the NATO Defense College. Main topics during the conference with different syndicates are insights about NATO Strategic Direction South and Projecting Stability. Whether you’re looking for information, network opportunities or a way to contribute to current challenges, this annual high quality event is the right place for you!

CCOE´s new factsheet BUILDING INTEGRITY – as an important cross cutting topic – is written by our CIC Branch. Please feel free to use and share it within your networks and also feel invited to have a look onto our webpage – where many other fact sheets wait for you.

Following the premise “gained in praxis – for use in praxis” we are now developing and writing a new edition of the CIMIC Field Handbook. This handbook will give all CIMIC´ers guidelines and best practices for their successful work out in missions. And again I want to invite you to participate in this process to get the best and most useful product for all of us.

From the 2nd to 4th of May our Lessons Learned & Analysis Branch will conduct an interesting workshop to bring practitioners and developers of CIMIC Information Management Systems (IMS) together in order to get an insight into different systems, discuss different approaches and share experiences as of Mission Apps or Databases. This workshop aims to provide the opportunity to identify common interests and create synergies where possible.


Wolfgang Paulik


“NATO Strategic Direction South – Projecting Stability”

NATO CIMIC Community of Interest Conference


Buidling Integrity (BI) – A CCOE Fact Sheet

New Edition – The new CIMIC Handbook will be published at the turn of 2018


Timeline for the development of CIMIC Handbook New Edition, including the validation phase during the EX Joint Cooperation 2018.

Due to some changes within NATO’s doctrine landscape and the new challenges NATO has to cope with, CIMIC Centre of Excellence (CCOE) decided to develop a new edition of the well-known CIMIC Field Handbook. The Concepts, Interoperability and Capabilities Branch already started the review of the CIMIC Field Handbook 4th Edition in autumn last year, including two workshops conducted in The Hague. Focus will be the “how to …” in order to improve the practical utility. Beside the practical focus CCOE will also include topics like resilience, hybrid warfare and collective defence. Regarding the practical focus and the “new” topics, we are highly interested in ideas, best practises, own handbooks and standard operating procedures to create the best product for you, our customers.

Be part of the development process!

The next workshop will be executed from 11th to 15th of June 2018 here in The Hague followed by a fourth workshop planned to be executed in Motta di Livenza/Italy (See figure). The CIMIC Handbook new edition intends to reflect current changes within NATO doctrines and provides NATO and its partners an online based state of the art CIMIC encyclopaedia until the end of 2018.

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“See you in The Hague!”