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#4 CMI-Workshop update, 02 Mar 2016 – CMI Workshop report handed over

Read the article here or see the whole report within the CCOE Network Area.


#3 CMI-Workshop update, 28 Oct 2015 – Syndicates vignettes send out

According to the first CMI-Workshop update 28. October 2015 vignettes has been sent out to the registered participants of the CMI WS containing the generic tasks and desired products for each syndicate. As it was mentioned in the invitation letter the WS will consist of 6 syndicates:

  1. Doctrine – analyzing current AJP 3.4.9 with regard to NATO Policy 411/2
  2. Organization – aiming the Battle Rhythm, CMI commitment in the COPD process
  3. Training – focusing on CIMIC and CMI related knowledge skills and attitude
  4. Leadership – enhancing coordination and Directions & Guidance
  5. Information – focusing on CIMIC and CMI Information Management System
  6. Interoperability – enhancing synchronization of CMI related actions


#2 CMI-Workshop update, 09 Oct 2015 – CMI Workshop Director

CCOE is delighted to welcome Mr. Michael C. Ryan as the CMI Workshop Director.

Mr. Ryan works as the Director, Interagency Partnering, ECJ-9, Headquarters U.S. European Command, Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany.

As CMI Workshop Director he will coordinate the developments of the 6 syndicates concluding in a final Workshop-Briefing.

Learn more about Mr-Michael-C-Ryan


#1 CMI-Workshop update, 30 Sept 2015

Thanks to our PAO, this “CMI-Workshop”-webpage has come online incredible fast!

The CCOE Project team wants to use this site in order to keep you updated on the latest developments concerning the ongoing preparations for the CMI-Workshop.

We encourage you to check this homepage from time to time to get the latest news.

So here it is, our first update:         “Developing Workshop-syndicates tasks”

Next to the writing of the “CMI-Survey Report” which should be finished NLT end of October 2015, we are currently developing the specific tasks for the different Workshop-syndicates.

Each individual syndicate task will be based on the CMI-Survey findings and is mainly addressing current CMI-challenges or -gaps that are situated within the NATO Organization itself (intra-organizational).

So far we have finished the tasks for Syndicate 1 “Doctrine” and Syndicate 2 “Organization”.

The timelines are set and the whole Syndicate task-development phase should be finished by End of October as well.

CCOE will send a detailed CMI-Workshop-update end of October/start of November to all registered participants directly  in order to allow them to prepare accordingly.


Joerg Warstat, Major

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