NATO CIMIC Communtity of Interest Conference – Rome 2018

“NATO Strategic Direction South – Projecting Stability”



The NATO CIMIC Commun : ity of Interest Conference (COI) is the flagship conference of the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) and takes place on an annual basis. The focus of the COI conference is always based on NATO’s current strategic directions but also current political as well as geographical proceedings are covered. Last year the COI focused on NATO’s strategic direction east with the main topic “Building resilience”. The outcome was highly valid and provides the Civil-Military Cooperation area a platform for further developments. This year’s COI conference will consequently focus on NATO’s strategic direction south.



The conference will foc : us on NATO’s strategic direction south with the main topic “Projecting Stability”. A wide range of topics from CIMIC projecting Stability through to Social Resilience will be addressed and a valid outcome will be worked out.


  • CIMIC and SFA utilizing Projecting Stability
  • M&S in support of CIMIC assessments
  • Lebanon, – a blueprint for CIMIC capability & capacity building
  • Civil-military migration coordination at land and sea
  • Horizon scanning: Building an information network strategic Direction South
  • Societal Resilience: The claiming factor countering hybrid warfare
  • Capacity Building: The value chain of Mobile Training Teams


Through keynotes, panels, and workshops where syndicates will present their headline findings, we will explore the applicability of the Comprehensive Approach in a stabilization scenario.m Mixed competence groups will discuss the prospects for the synchronization of Civil-Military Interaction with Security Force Assistance and Modelling and Simulation in light of the decisions of the NATO Warsaw Summit 2016.


  • Modelling and Simulation Centre of Excellence (M&S COE)
  • Security Force Assistance Centre of Excellence (SFA COE)
  • NATO Strategic Direction – South HUB (NSD-S HUB)
  • NATO Defence College (NDC)


The audience reaches from tactical to strategic level, depending on the discussed level. It mainly will be NATO centric but is also reaching out to national and international actors who works amongst these topics.



NATO Trilemma: M&S supporting projecting stability during Community of Interest in Rome

CIMIC Simulations will be represented in Rome, during the Community of Interest Conference (COIC), taking place between 14-16 May. Last week, on 18th of April, CCOE Lessons Learned Branch took part in the table-top exercise which will be the focus of Simulations syndicate in the upcoming COIC.

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