CPP Scripting Workshop 2023

Registration CPP Scripting Workshop 2023

4 October -  6 October 2023

Blue Shield International, the CCOE and the 1 CMI Command (NL) are organizing a CPP Scripting Workshop from October 4-6 at the CCOE in the Hague. The aims of this workshop are to share good practice and experience, and develop expertise in providing cultural property protection exercise support, building on collective training experience during NATO and Allied exercises, in order to:

  • Explore and understand relevant CPP challenges at all levels of command and deployment
  • Explore and understand relevant CPP challenges in all phases of a mission and all types of deployment

With the ultimate goal of enriching exercise scenarios so that CPP is encountered as a planning factor with true operational impact.

The target audience for this workshop is: NATO MIL/CIV involved in exercise scripting. CPP SMEs.

- 50 Euro fee

This fee covers weekly tea and coffee breaks, and a drinks reception. Food can be purchased on site in the mess hall, or in the nearby town of Delft.

All attendees will be asked to provide a brief overview of their existing experience and the type of exercise support they provide, along with successes and challenges encountered and goals of attending the workshop when they book.

This event is limited to 30 places. Event organisers will contact you to confirm your registration

With your registration you confirm that the payment of the course fee is assured.

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