Dr Eugenio Cusumano

Dr Eugenio Cusumano holds a PhD in International Relations from the European University Institute and is an assistant professor at the University of Leiden and a former lecturer at the Baltic Defence College and Fulbright Scholar at the Korbel School of International Studies in Denver.

His research, published on leading academic journals such as The Journal of Strategic Studies, Armed Forces&Society and International Relations, concentrates on strategic studies and civil-military relations, with a focus on contractor support to military operations, its drivers and its political, legal, ethical and strategic implications.

Dr Cusumano’s support to several modules of the Master of Civil-Military Interaction and his advice and editing of publications are a valuable contribution for the CCOE.

Dr Phyllis J. Mihalas, Ph.D. (USA)
Lieutenant Colonel (Retired)

Dr Phylllis Mihalas holds a PhD on Educational Administration from Walden University and several Master’s Degrees in Educational Science, Strategic Studies and Strategic Intelligence. Always on the interface of the Civilian and the Military environment Dr. Mihalas is the founder and Director of ELearning4NGOs and EFunding4NGOs as well as the (Former)Director, Strategy and Plans at the Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command (MCAST) from 2007-2014. In her military career Dr. Mihalas holds the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) and has 28 years of experience as Military Intelligence Officer primarily with Special Operations in Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, Peace Operations including 3 Commands and multiple deployments between 1979-2007.

Dr. Mihalas research and post-doctoral studies are on organizational management and educational design in the field of civil military operations, peace and stability operations and UN Peacekeeping operations.

Dr. Phyllis Mihalas is affiliated with CCOE over a long time. Her contributions are various publications on CIMIC in a Maritime Environment and on Measures of Effectiveness, contributions to the first three editions of the multinational CIMIC Field Handbook, advice on CIMIC in a Maritime Environment and US Civil Affairs as well as on curriculum support to CIMIC Training and the Master of Civil-Military Interaction.