The intern will work approx. 38-40 hours a week or according to the working schedule of the respective Branch the intern is attached to, five days a week for CCOE during the internship. The intern will get an office space with computer, free internet access, telephone etc. The intern will also be offered free accommodation at Complex Brasserskade*, a monthly lump sum (125 euro per week) to cover their stay and meals, free access to physical training facilities and a bicycle to get back and forth between the accommodation and the office.

* Complex Brasserskade is a military facility where CCOE is located. The offered accommodation is single rooms with own bath, free television and internet (wireless). Meals can be bought at the close by Paresto Restaurant (military) for approx. 15 Euro per day.

In principle, the period of internship will be two up to three months. If there is a need to extend, depending on the complexity of the subject that the intern will research, this must be clarified and approved in advance. As the need for interns varies and is on-going throughout the year, CCOE does not have any specific periods or deadlines for applications except when named explicit in project descriptions.

Financial, legal and insurance conditions

  • The intern is fully responsible for obtaining the necessary documents in order to fulfill the internship and for arranging all other facilities necessary to fulfill the internship, such as travel to and from CCOE.
  • Interns will also be individually responsible for carrying out all administrative formalities requested by the Dutch Authorities concerning their legal status and Visas during their period of residence in the Netherlands. CCOE will assist the interns by providing them with all the necessary information and supply those interns who need to apply for Dutch visas with a letter stating that the intern will be coming to the Netherlands as intern at CCOE.
  • CCOE accepts no responsibility for the medical insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Applicants for internship must show proof of valid medical insurance coverage.
  • Concerning candidates, all military applicants must present a “Security Clearance” – whether one obtained from their respective nation or a NATO-Security Clearance whereas all civilian applicants will be requested to provide the CCOE upon arrival with a “Conduct of Good Behavior”.
  • CCOE internship is not connected with employment and has no employment prospects. Interns cannot apply for posts at CCOE during their internship. Interns are considered to be extra personnel. They are no staff members of CCOE. Interns shall not be sought or accepted as substitutes for staff to be recruited against posts authorized for the implementation of mandated programmes and activities. Interns shall not represent CCOE in any official capacity.
  • The intern shall obey all rules, directives and directions, codes of conduct and national regulations during the internship period in CCOE and agrees to all other regulations laid down in Staff Procedures of CCOE, e.g. the SP applicable for internship.