Lessons Learned & Analysis

The Lessons Learned and Analysis Branch (LL&A Branch), contributes to the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) mission by providing external and internal observation, lesson and analysis delivery.

It does so by procedures and framework, to learn from experiences and improve performance. LL&A Branch contributes to international work regarding strengthening the information sharing between NATO, states, international and governmental organizations.

Rene Halfmann

Acting Branch Chief

CDR Rene Halfmann is the Acting Branch Chief (ABC) of CCOE’s LL&A Branch. The ABC LL gives guidance to CCOE’s LL process and his personnel. He is responsible to provide competence in the field of LL to internal and external stakeholders.
He chairs the periodical meetings of the CCOE Lessons Learned Working Group and is the primarily contact person for the lessons development.
He is the point of contact for the following subjects:

  • CIMIC Lessons Learned
  • Comprehensive Analysis
  • CIMIC in a Maritime Environment
  • CCOE LL POC for Validation of AJP 3.19

Normen Schneider

Staff Officer LL&A

Captain Normen Schneider is the Staff Officer in the LL&A Branch.

He is primarily responsible for:

  • Build-up and maintain understanding on capacity building between non-military partners (like UN OCHA) and military partners.
  • He focuses on validation of the CIMIC Handbook.
  • He is the primarily contact person for the Federated Mission Network for the CCOE.  

Ralf Leifer

Staff Assistant LL&A

Senior Master Sergeant Ralf Leifer supports the Acting Branch Chief in the planning and execution of the Branch activities this includes the following tasks:


  • Responsible for administrative support within the LL&A Branch.
  • Support the Acting Branch Chief regarding LL&A budgeting and economic reports.
  • Supports the planning and execution of conferences, meetings and workshops internal and external related to the CIMIC/CMI Lessons Learned process.

Wouter Kuijl

Intern CIV LL&A

CIV Wouter Kuijl supports the Branch Chief in the planning and execution of the Branch activities this includes the following tasks:


  • Interviews with stakeholders that provide mission experience and he focuses on peacekeeping operations
  • Drafting a research paper on the topic of information sharing