The Lessons Learned/Development Branch of the CCOE conducted an on-site training for the Danish CIMIC/PsyOps Company in Varde/Denmark on the 25th of February. The aim was to train the Danish fieldworkers on the newest version of the CIMIC Mission Application (frontend), to set up their devices and connect them to the prototype of the backend (database). The Danish CIMIC/PsyOps Company will test the CIMIC Mission App including an exercise in May and provide further valuable input for the improvement of the App and for the development of the backend. This was the first training for one of the tactical CIMIC units of the Sponsoring Nations of the CCOE, until End of April there will be further training events for the Dutch CMI Command and the Polish CIMIC Company. The CIMIC Mission App runs on mobile devices with the operating system Android 4.4.2 and higher, the database is web-based. If you want to know more about the CIMIC Mission Application or install it on your own device, please contact: