The First Edition of the NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course (NCAAC) Begins!

Another milestone met!

Since May this year a small team from our CCOE’s Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities (CIC) and Training and Education (T&E) Branches developed the NATO CIMIC Analysis and Assessment Course (NCAAC) as a new training opportunity to meet the requirements addressed by the CIMIC community of Interest (CoI) on the occasion of consecutive Training Requirements Analysis (TRA) and Training Needs Analysis (TNA) workshops earlier this year. After weeks of brainwork, paperwork, consultation, coordination and synchronization the preparation was concluded.

This Monday, the Director of the CCOE, Colonel Andreas Eckel, welcomed 15 students to the very first edition of the NCAAC. The course is carried out in a “Pilot”-format, aiming to review the newly developed course against the requirements formulated by the community of interest (CoI) at an earlier stage. The hand-picked student body is represented by J9 (CIMIC) Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe, Joint Force Commands Brunssum and Naples, Multinational Corps North-East, Civil-Military Engagement Group (BEL), Multinational CIMIC Command (DEU), 1 Civil-Military Interaction Command (NLD), 1 German-Netherlands Corps, Joint Warfare Centre, Hungarian Defense Forces CIMIC (HUN), Latvian Ministry of Defense, Multinational CIMIC Group (ITA), Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations (POL), United States Army Europe-Africa, and the CCOE.

The course is being supported by experienced experts from different fields of expertise such as Intelligence, Open Source Research and Intelligence, Analysis, Structured Analytic Techniques, Education, CIMIC and CMI. The lessons that will be drawn from the student’s feedback the upcoming days are vital to finalise the development of the NCAAC to be offered to the Community of Interest two times in 2023.