Civil Affairs

  • Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course
    23 April 2021

    Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course

    In April 2021, the second iteration of the Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course as a virtual training for US Civil Affairs (CA) colleagues, was taking place in the CCOE. US CA personnel is given a basic understanding of NATO CIMIC procedures, doct[...]

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  • Different Missions but one team
    17 March 2016

    Different Missions but one team

    Visit of 361st Civil Affairs Brigade Commander On 17 March 2016 Colonel Miguel A. Castellanos (US) visited the CCOE in The Hague. He is the Commander of 361st Civil Affairs Brigade in Kaiserslautern, Germany. He was accompanied by Major Kelly Paj[...]

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  • A big step forward – USA joining the CCOE
    09 December 2015

    A big step forward – USA joining the CCOE

    Picture: CCOE Director Colonel Roel Been and Major General Daniel R. Ammerman/ Source: CCOE/ Stiegler On Monday the 7th of December 2015 a small delegation from the CCOE was invited to meet together with Major General Daniel R. Ammerman, Colonel (Re[...]

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