• Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course
    23 April 2021

    Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course

    In April 2021, the second iteration of the Euro-NATO CIMIC Familiarisation Course as a virtual training for US Civil Affairs (CA) colleagues, was taking place in the CCOE. US CA personnel is given a basic understanding of NATO CIMIC procedures, doct[...]

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  • Wargaming-event by NATO Joint Warfare Centre
    16 February 2021

    Wargaming-event by NATO Joint Warfare Centre

    Our Polish National Senior Representative Lieutenant Colonel Sabiniarz about an intense and valuable week preparing and attending the wargaming-event hosted by NATO Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) beginning of February: "Everything begins with the idea.[...]

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  • Analysis Makes the Difference Workshop
    12 July 2018

    Analysis Makes the Difference Workshop

    The CCOE will host the Analysis Makes the Difference Workshop, in The Hague, Netherlands, from the 16-18 October 2018. Syndicates The workshop consists of three independent syndicates: Comprehensive Analysis;CIMIC Lessons Learned;Civil-Military Info[...]

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  • Sharing knowledge and experience
    30 November 2017

    Sharing knowledge and experience

    Sharing knowledge and experience through participation and visualization during the United Nations Civil-Military Coordination live eCourse (UN-CMCoord live eCourse). 16 participants from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sudan [...]

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  • CCOE Academic Outreach to Slovenia
    21 June 2017

    CCOE Academic Outreach to Slovenia

    It is one of the stated goals of the CIMIC Centre of Excellence to establish academic relationships with Dutch, as well as international universities. In this context, CCOE was visited by Dr. Iztok Prezelj, Associate Professor at the University of [...]

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