External Subject Matter Experts in CCOE

Piet Wit

Piet WitWith an educational background in agriculture and range ecology, Piet Wit (NLD) has built up extensive expertise in natural resource and biodiversity management over nearly forty years in more than forty countries. His experience includes long term missions in West- and Central Africa and Central Asia on biodiversity conservation and integrated rural development.
Piet Wit is presently the Chairman of IUCN’s Commission on Ecosystem Management. In his capacity as Reserve Officer he is working for the CIMIC Centre of Excellence on a publication on “the ecosystem approach and its value for military operations”.

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Angelique Huizenga

huizengaMrs. Angelique Huizenga is an educational scientist, specialized in course – and curriculum development. She worked as a Naval Officer in the Royal Netherlands Navy in several education and training institutes (SMVBO, NLDA, OKM). She resided in developing countries for 3 years, performing as an educational consultant for a Dutch NGO and an International consultancy firm. She developed Competence Based Training (CBT) for training institutes in Tanzania and she coached national and regional governments in Guinea-Bissau, in the process to obtain the Millennium Development Goal 2. For CCOE Mrs. Huizenga is employed as a consultant, taking part in the process of restructuring Training and Education. Occupational Profiles are defined and a plan to reorganize the education process of CCOE is being developed.

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