Lessons Learned Documents

NATO Lessons Learned Handbook
Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre – 2016

CIMIC & PRT Operations in ISAF
Joint Analysis & Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC) – April 2008

Response to the Humanitarian Crisis in Haiti
IASC – January 2010

Humanitarian Exchange – The Haiti Earthquake Response
Humanitarian Practice Network – October 2010

Measuring the Development Impact of Provincial Reconstruction Teams
Civil-Military Fusion Centre – June 2011

Civil-Military Cooperation in Conflict & Post-Conflict Operations

Six Strategic Lessons Learned from Libya: NATO’s Operation Unified Protector
NDC Research Report – March 2012

The Search for Common Ground: Civil-Military Relations in Afghanistan
Humanitarian Policy Group – April 2013

Best & Bad Practices on Civil-Military Interaction
CCOE – 2014

The War in Ukraine: Lessons for Europe

CMI Survey Report
CCOE – 2015


CMI Workshop Report
CCOE – 2016

Out of the Mountains into the Cities: is CIMIC ready for Future Urban Operations

The War in Syria: Lessons for the West

Live, Virtual, Constructive Hybrid Cyber Warfare Range
NATO Modelling & Simulation COE

Targeting Peace & Stability Operations Lessons & Best Practices