Country-index tool


Would it not be nice to have a list of internet links that changes almost automatically to that specific country you are looking for? That is exactly what the new country-index tool is offering you.

1. What is in?

In the index, only the most relevant sources that offer a nearly global or crisis related country coverage are added.

2. How does it work?

Picture16abMost websites are using a fixed recognizable structure in their Uniform Resource Locator (URL) for the webpages. It consists of a generic part and a specific part that together forms the link to the chosen country webpage. The specific country part is often the name of a country like MALI, its ISO-3 code AFG, UN Code etc. Within each website it is used consistently, following in all cases along international standards. This overall country list is collected and put together in an excel overview and generates based on the chosen country the values that are added to the generic web link and generating so the specific country link.

3. Where does it link to?

The generic list links to each respective country webpage overview Example



The generated list however links to the specific country page directly. Example for MALI

4. How do we maintain the tool?

The CCOE will regularly check the generated web links and will adjust or add new, if relevant resources are discovered. However we would very appreciate the involvement of the CIMIC community in keeping this tool up-to-date and relevant. Please send all your issues, ideas and comments to Further please do not hesitate to share this tool with anybody you think would benefit.

The most current Country–Link-Index is always available here:

(You can use it after downloading the file.)