CIMIC Field Handbook (CFHB)

Actual News about the CIMIC Field Handbook (CFHB)

The new 3rd edition of the CIMIC Field Handbook has been issued officially on 11 March 2013.


The main purpose of this handbook is to provide a tactical reference, and an operational command level insight, for all personnel involved in Civil-Military Interaction (CMI) and Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) activities, across the full mission spectrum. The secondary purpose is to create awareness for those organisations and individuals who have a vested interest in CIMIC/CMI activities.

The content of the CIMIC field handbook has been adapted to the rapidly changing operational environment and is based on NATO doctrine and procedural foundations of the new emerging NATO Command and Force Structure. The CIMIC field handbook does not replace doctrine, pre-deployment training or mission Standard Operating Procedures. It has been designed to provide best practice and experience information, covering a wide range of useful subjects that may be required to guide CMI/CIMIC activity during mission deployment abroad. All chapters have been developed and designed by the CCOE with direct inputs, drawn from field experience, doctrine and publications, from members of the NATO CMI/CIMIC Community of Interest consisting of trainers and customers from the entire NATO Command and Force structure, NATO Nations, NATO School and the US Maritime Civil Affairs and Security Training Command. Additional national mission-specific information and training must be provided separately by the participating nations.

Special attention has been given to incorporating the civil dimension in the planning and execution of today’s missions and to CIMIC’s role as a key facilitator for NATO’s contribution to a comprehensive approach. We are very grateful to the representatives of various IOs/NGOs who have provided tremendous inputs to reflect the interaction requirements with the military from their perspective.

The Field Handbook is a product of the CCOE, and neither accreditation nor approval has been sought within the NATO structures.

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