Lessons Learned & Analysis

The Lessons Learned and Analysis Branch (LL&A Branch), contributes to the Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) mission by providing external and internal observation, lesson and analysis delivery.

It does so by procedures and framework, to learn from experiences and improve performance. LL&A Branch contributes in the international work regarding strengthen the information sharing between NATO, states, international and governmental organizations.

The Team


John Varmark Jakobsen

Branch Chief

LTC John Jakobsen is The Branch Chief (BC) of the Lessons Learned and Analysis Branch.

The Branch Chief gives guidance to the processes and his personnel.
The BC is responsible for internal and external LL competence delivery of his branch and responsible for development of new LL CCOE products



Rene Halfmann

Deputy Branch Chief

CDR Rene Halfmann is the Deputy Branch Chief (DBC) of CCOE’s LL&A Branch. He chairs the periodical meetings of the CCOE Lessons Learned Working Group and is the primarily contact person for development of internal papers and analysis. He is point of contact for following subjects:

Analysis makes the difference Workshop 2018.
CIMIC in a Maritime Environment.
Federated Mission Network and Mission Partner Environment Civilian Military Information Sharing (FMCM).
Exercise VIKING 2018 – Participation in FMCM context.

Ralph Gauderer

Staff Officer LL&A

Captain Ralph Gauderer is the Staff Officer in the LL&A Branch. He is primarily responsible for:

The build-up and maintain understanding on information sharing between non-military partners (like UN OCHA) and military partners, the build-up of a mobile applications knowledge centre, the internal support of the development of CCOE products, he is responsible for the update of the Quality Assurance policy of the CCOE.


Judith Lensch

Staff Assistant LL&A

Senior Master Sergeant Judith Lensch supports the Branch Chief in the planning and execution of the Branch activities this includes the following tasks:

Responsible for administrative support within the LL&A Branch.
Maintain and update the CCOE Library and the LL database.
Support the Branch Chief regarding LL&A budgeting and economic reports. 
Supports the planning and execution of conferences, meetings and workshops internal and external related to the CIMIC/CMI Lessons Learned process.


Interns at LL&A

Filipa Gonçalves

Ms. Filipa Gonçalves (Portugal) works as an intern at the Lessons Learned & Analysis (LL&A)Branch from January to April 2018. Filipa holds a Master’s Degree in Political Science and International Relations from the Institute for Political Studies – Catholic University of Portugal and a Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations from the University of Minho.
She has interned at the Portuguese Military Academy, at the Consulate-General of Portugal in Barcelona and at the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean. During her time at the CCOE she will focus on the revision of CCOE’s Quality Assurance Plan/Procedures/Policies, assist on the capturing observations on specific topics in order to develop Lessons Identified or best practices and support the preparation of the takeover of the Federated Mission Network project.

Luca Marro

Mr. Luca Marro (Italy) started an internship in Lessons Learned & Analysis Branch (LL&A) in the CCOE in January 2018.

He had completed his studies in 2016 after successfully achieving first the Bachelor degree in Political Science at University of Naples Federico II and then the Master of Arts in International Relations – with focus on Europe – at Durham University (England).

The Master dissertation title was “The Ambiguity of Russia: Critical Assessment of the position of the Responsibility to Protect within Russia foreign policy”. The thesis focused on three case studies: NATO military intervention in Libya, Russian Crimea invasion, and Syrian civil chaos. After the completion of the Master degree he was selected to work as an intern on NATO strategic level (SHAPE) in the J9 division. He spent one year in the CIMIC Liaison Branch and consistently expanded his knowledge on Civil-Military Cooperation from NATO perspective.

Following this working experience he will currently be mainly responsible for content development and organization management of CCOE ́s Analysis makes the difference Workshop in October 2018.