Welcome to the Training and Education Branch

Objective of the Training and Education Branch

The Training & Education (T&E) Branch provides support, creates products, offers specialized training and education in order to enhance the general knowledge about CIMIC and to enable military and civil operators to conduct CIMIC related tasks in different missions and scenarios, while simultaneously contributing to the lessons learned process.

The T&E Branch of the CCOE consists of trained and CIMIC Students during Syndicate Workexperienced instructors from several NATO countries. They are responsible for the execution of all types / sorts of CIMIC courses. These courses will prepare students for CIMIC jobs and for their participation in missions. In addition, T&E is participating in exercises, supporting and exchanging knowledge on CIMIC related subjects.

All courses are using the NATO CIMIC doctrine and procedures as standard. Most courses are conducted in the CCOE facilities in The Hague, The Netherlands. On request, T&E frequently supports sponsoring nations in executing CIMIC courses on their location. T&E supports other nations as well, using a mobile education and training team (METT) in conducting CIMIC courses, tailor made courses and seminars on locations as requested.
For more information please have a look in our student guide and our current course program.