CCOE in The Hague – 5th CIMIC Messenger 2014

On December 18th 2014 the fifth CIMIC MESSENGER has been issued. This Messenger focuses on CCOE’s work in The Hague.

The CIMIC messenger role is to inform the CIMIC family and our civilian partners on relevant and current issues within the world of Civil Military Interaction (CMI) and CIMIC.

In the last CIMIC messenger CCOE announced its move to The Hague – the “International City of Peace and Justice”. The move had a significant impact on the CCOE. Some of the effects were the start of a new approach to academia, hosting an ACO SHAPE CMI seminar, implementing a cooperation with UN OCHA, receiving important visitors and continued work on various projects.

This fifth issue will focus on CCOE’s work in The Hague.

CCOE in The Hague.