CIMIC Messenger 2019 – 08

Dear CIMIC/CMI Community,

as the new Director of the CCOE it is a great pleasure to present to you our CIMIC Messenger.
The idea of our CIMIC Messenger is to connect people and share knowledge in the field of CIMIC/CMI. In this messenger you will find two new recently published factsheets and social media coverage of our NATO CIMIC Field Worker and Staff Worker courses.
Enjoy reading, make use of the information provided and pass it on. You know where to find us: see you in the Hague, the international City of Peace and Justice!

Best Regards,

Frank van Boxmeer MSc

First CCOE course featured on Social Media

Our NATO CIMIC Field Worker and Staff Worker course will be the first CCOE course ever that is featured with this depth on our social media channels. Klick the link to get daily updates with exclusive civil-military insights, interviews with the expert coaches and first hand experiences of the students.

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