What students say

CCOE - NATO CIMIC Field Worker Course, NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course, NATO CIMIC Integrated Functional Specialist Course - Go4It - BoardgameStefan Mahne, a German Air Force Major
student of the NCFWC-NCSWC 2015-02 and NCIFSC 2015-01

“If I had participated the NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course at the beginning of my CIMIC carrier, I would have been able to perform better in missions and in my home Unit.”


What Students SayStefan Zadlo, a German Army Captain
student of the NCFWC-NCSWC 2014-04

“One of the best and well prepared courses I have ever joined. Regarding my CIMIC training, this was the perfect supplement to my national based training. Working together with students from 14 different nations and learning from their experiences, helped me improving my own skills and understanding of what CIMIC is about. The mix of well prepared theory and sophisticated syndicate exercises was very versatile. The most interesting aspect was, to learn more about the variety of the civilian community and their aims. The network, we have built up during these two weeks will help me in the future.”

Berna Eren 1Berna Eren, MD, PhD Public Health Specialist
student of the NCFWC-NCSWC 2014

“The NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course was comprehensive and run so smoothly down to the last details. In addition to all theoretical information, since I am a civilian, had the chance of getting a better understanding of military with its procedures and processes as well as working and networking with an excellent group of colleagues and instructors.”

Magnus Rosengren, a Swedish Army Major
student of the NCFWC-NCSWC, Hungary 2014

“Well conducted CCOE course in Budapest, Hungary. That counts for both the content and the exchange of knowledge and experience between the instructors and the participants. I can recommend the NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course to everybody to enhance the knowledge about NATO CIMIC, the NATO CIMIC doctrine and NATO’s CIMIC tactics, techniques and procedures.”

José Luis Monterde Maldonado, a Spanish Army Lieutenant Colonel
student of the NCFWC-NCSWC, Hungary 2014

“This is the first time that I haven’t just been bombarded with theory. I have been provided with the opportunity to deeply exercise my knowledge, certainly not without facing challenging situations. Staff Officers coming from different nations, holding diverse experiences and applying multiple approaches to tackle demanding tasks, have added to my individual portfolio. The NATO CIMIC Staff Worker Course is a nice opportunity to be better trained for the demanding future NATO operations. I’m ready to expect the unexpected now.”