Welcome to the CIMIC Centre of Excellence

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    Move accomplished!

    CCOE welcomes you in The Hague.





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    CCOE offers you:

    - Publications
    - Conferences & Seminars
    - Forum for CMI/CIMIC discussions
    - Up-to-date Policy and Doctrinal Advice
    - Concept Support and Subject Matter Expertise
    - Contribution to the Lessons Learned process
    - Sophisticated Training and Education  


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    What is the CCOE

    The CCOE is a multinational sponsored, NATO accredited, Centre of Excellence. It provides added value, innovative and timely advice, and subject matter expertise on CIMIC for both civilian and military customers. The primary focus of the organisation’s efforts is in enhanced training and education along with conceptual and doctrinal development based on a solid lessons learned capacity.

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    Sponsoring Nations

    The 7 Sponsoring Nations (SN) of the CCOE are Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, The Netherlands, Poland and Slovenia. In the manning an expansion is already accounted for with 13 posts for additional volunteering Sponsoring Nations in CIC and T&E Branch.


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Explore our CIMIC Field Handbook

cimic-field-handbookThis handbook provides best practice and experience information, covering a wide range of useful subjects on guiding CMI/CIMIC activity during mission deployment abroad.

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Please foward your suggestions for improvement of this field manual.

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Upcoming Events

Aug 26
CCOE CIMIC Field Handbook 2nd Workshop
26  August  - 28  August 
The Hague / NLD
Sep 1
7th CIMIC Unit Commanders Conference
1  September  - 3  September 
Motta di Livenzia / IT
Sep 2
Ausbildungskongress der Bundeswehr
2  September  - 4  September 
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