Lessons Learned & Analysis

Civil-Military Cooperation Centre of Excellence (CCOE) Lessons Learned & Analysis (LL&A) Branch intends to support the CIMIC Community of Interest by providing observations and lessons which foster capability improvement and thus contribute to the future development of CIMIC and enable transformation:

  • Collection of CIMIC-related observations in the real-world environment with focus on their impact on CIMIC training and doctrines;
  • Collection of CIMIC-related observations in NATO, EU and national exercises;
  • Cooperation with JALLC and COE LL Community of Interest;
  • Support revision of CCOE’s course landscape;
  • Support revision process of CIMIC-related doctrines;
  • Support to capability development of CIMIC Analysis & Assessment and Joint CIMIC;
  • Provide CIMIC SME to Federated Mission Networking CIMIC Meeting and NATO SHIPPING Working Group.