Civil-Military Cooperation
Centre of Excellence

The CCOE is the preferred network campus to:

  • connect people
  • share collective knowledge and
  • gain unity of purpose in the field of Civil-Military Interaction.

Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions, we continue to develop our course landscape to allow virtual participation.

Sharing CIMIC knowledge

The CCOE is a multinational sponsored, NATO accredited, Centre of Excellence. It provides added value, innovative and timely advice, and subject matter expertise on CIMIC for both civilian and military customers.

The primary focus of the organisation’s efforts is in enhanced training and education along with conceptual and doctrinal development based on a solid lessons learned capacity.

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Register now for September: Virtual NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course  

We are in the middle of developing one of our fundamental courses, the Functional Specialist Course, into a full blended on-line course. 

CIMIC Handbook

The Handbook provides NATO and its partners an online-based state of the art CIMIC encyclopedia.

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