Welcome to Training & Education

The CCOE’s Training & Education (T&E) Branch offers NATO CIMIC & CMI training based on NATO’s operational environment and respective training requirements. With a broad range of up-to-date courses, T&E trains CIMIC & CMI personnel from tactical to operational level, including Liaison Officers and Functional Specialists. Moreover, the Branch’s Mobile Training Teams provide tailor-made courses requested by CCOE’s Sponsoring Nations and other customers of the CIMIC & CMI community. CCOE courses are offered in The Hague as well as abroad, depending on the demand and request by its Sponsoring Nations and customers. Students during Syndicate Work

All CCOE courses are supported by qualified international coaches and course staff, providing a broad spectrum of CIMIC & CMI experience and knowledge. A small coach-student ratio ensures effective and successful training, meeting the individual needs of CCOE’s multinational students. 

All CCOE courses are based on NATO’s CIMIC & CMI doctrinal framework, complemented by academic research and publications on current issues. In close cooperation with ACT and SHAPE, all course content is regularly reviewed and updated to meet today’s CIMIC & CMI training requirements. Supported by CCOE’s Concepts, Interoperability, Capabilities (CIC) Branch and Lessons Learned & Analysis (LL&A) Branch, T&E quickly implements new training requirements, CIMIC & CMI concepts and recent lessons learned into its course curricula. 

In addition to its commitment to high quality and up-to-date individual training, T&E further supports and participates in exercises, thereby facilitating collective CIMIC & CMI training. In all its work, the multinational Branch cooperates closely with other training entities within NATO and its network of partners, strongly engaging and promoting the development of CIMIC & CMI knowledge.