Upcoming events

NATO CIMIC/CMI Annual Discipline Conference 2019
The Hague / NLD 15  May  till 16  May 

The purpose of the Conference is this time unique. December 2018 ACT Joint Force Development (JFD) executed a second Training Requirement Analysis (TRA) on the CIMIC/CMI discipline. Civil Preparedness as…

CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2019
Tirana / Albania 27  May  till 30  May 

By kind permission of ALB MOD, SHAPE J9 and the CCOE will conduct the CIMIC Key Leader Conference 2019 at the Albanian Ministry of Defence in Tirana.

HCSS Model NATO 2019 Conference
The Hague / NLD 2  June  till 4  June 

In cooperation with the NATO Centre of Excellence for Civil-Military Cooperation (CCOE) and The Municipality of The Hague, The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies invites you to a 3-day simulation…

CIMIC Award of Excellence
The Hague / NLD 27  June  till 27  June 

The CIMIC Award of Excellence has been positioned during CIMIC Centre of Excellence´s 10th Anniversary Event in 2017 in The Hague as the marque symbol of this institution towards the…

Change of Command
The Hague / NLD 27  June  till 27  June 

The two major sponsoring nations of the CCOE, Germany and The Netherlands, provide the personnel in the command function of the agency. Their posts are not nationally flagged in a…

CCOE Reunion Day
The Hague / NLD 27  June  till 27  June 

We invite all former CCOE staff members to the 1. CCOE Reunion Day. Behind all our achievements are colleagues, comrades and friends who have shaped the CCOE with their dedication,…

CIMIC Lessons Learned Workshop
The Hague / NLD 17  September  till 19  September 

The CCOE will host the CIMIC Lessons Learned Workshop from 17th to 19th September 2019. CIMIC’s overall performance as a function also depends on its ability to efficiently learn from…