Cultural Property Protection

UNESCO Chairman receives new CCOE Makes Sense publication

Picture: Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Eckel (right) handing over CCOE token of appreciation to Professor Peter Stone (left)/ Source: CCOE/ van Koeveringe

On Thursday the 4th of February 2016, the CCOE has been invited to the Newcastle University to be present at the public lecture on Cultural Property Protection and Peace by Professor Peter Stone. The first ever United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Chair in Cultural Protection and Peace was established at the Newcastle University. The new appointed UNESCO Chairman is Professor Peter Stone, who was one of the contributors to the latest CCOE publication “Cultural Property Protection Makes Sense”. Before the start of the lecture, CCOE Deputy Director Lieutenant Colonel Andreas Eckel had the opportunity to thank Professor Stone for his great contribution handing over a CCOE token of appreciation.

During the visit it was agreed to strengthen CCOE’s cooperation with the Newcastle University on Cultural Property Protection and their contribution on the development of CCOE’s “Cultural Property Protection factsheets” for CIMIC officers. Beside that, the University will deliver training and capacity building activities and build new partnerships worldwide to mitigate the destruction of cultural property during conflict and strengthen the use of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as tools for peace.

The “Cultural Property Protection Makes Sense” publication was written by Major Yvette Foliant. She has been supported by military and civilians experts from different organizations and governments. Besides Professor Peter Stone, Dr. Laura Rush contributed significantly to this publication. (The publication is available here)

Article is written by CCOE/ Concepts, Interoperability and Capabilities/ Major Wouter van Koeveringe (NLD MP).