CIMIC Innovation

The CIC Branch is continuously developing new ideas on how to further improve CIMIC, and brings new topics to the attention of the general public. Therefore, the CIC Branch conducts innovative research, organizes seminars and develops (policy) papers on topics that are of interest to the development of CIMIC. It is furthermore the aim of the CIC Branch to adequately understand new concepts and developments (and their implications) in the field of CIMIC. It is therefore the intent to get involved in any new anticipated change in the conduct of CIMIC as well as in any CIMIC evolution resulting in a more effective Civil-Military Cooperation.

The CIC Branch supports and participates actively in the training programs and seminars organized by the CCOE. In fact, by contributing to these activities the Branch is able to disseminate their knowledge of CIMIC and actively contributes to the further development of CIMIC.

In short, CIMIC innovation provided by the CIC Branch can be divided into four categories:

  • CIMIC and Culture
  • Seminars
  • Research
  • Development