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CIMIC Messenger in 2019

CIMIC Messenger 2019-08

  • Introduction of the new CCOE Director
  • Field/Staff Worker Course on Social Media
  • Two new Info Sheets

CIMIC Messenger 2019-01

  • The all-new CIMIC Handbook

CIMIC Messenger in 2018

CIMIC Messenger 2018-02

  • CCOE Fact Sheet – Women, Peace and Security
  • AJP 3.19 Allied Joint Publication for civil-military cooperation
  • Analysis Makes the Difference Workshop
  • CCOE donating for a good cause

CIMIC Messenger 2018-01

  • “NATO Strategic Direction South – Projecting Stability”
  • Building Integrity – A CCOE Fact Sheet
  • CIMIC Handbook – The New Edition

CIMIC Messenger in 2017

CIMIC Messenger 2017-06

  • Disaster Relief
  • Resilience
  • Master of Civil-Military Interaction
  • Course Calendar 2018

CIMIC Messenger 2017-05

10th Anniversary of the CCOE

  • Opening Address Director CCOE, Colonel Wolfgang Paulik
  • Welcome by The Hague Deputy Mayor Saskia Bruines
  • Interview with Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen
  • Mrs. Hester Somsen, Director of Security Policy at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Acceptance Speech by H.E. The President of the Republic of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic
  • Impressions 10th Anniversaty

CIMIC Messenger 2017-04

  • CCOE successful in getting a NATO agreed status for CIMIC-related terms
  • A Military Perspective on Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience
  • Supporting CIMIC Development in Lebanon
  • West Point cadets on mission in the Netherlands

CIMIC Messenger 2017-03

  • The President of the Republic of Croatia, H.E. Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović
  • Riga: Four key recommendations form the joined CCOE / STRATCOM Conference
  • Gaps and differences between military and non-military actors from the civilian perspective.

CIMIC Messenger 2017-02

  • Interview with Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen, President of Blue Shield International
  • CIMIC 360 Degrees
  • Children And Armed Conflict (CAAC)
  • CCOE and E-Learning

CIMIC Messenger 2017-01

  • Re-Boot the System – Or how AID needs to arrive in the 21st century
  • Observations from a civilian student and lecturer at the CCOE
  • CCOE 10th anniversary October 10th, 2017

CIMIC Messenger in 2016

Towards to new horizons 

Learning from each other

Updating the CIMIC Library

CIMIC Messenger in 2015

Sharing Knowledge – Surveys & Conferences

CCOE goes Academia

Implementation Vision 2020


CIMIC Messenger in 2014

CCOE in The Hague

CIMIC in Polish Armed Forces  

Children and Armed Conflict

CIMIC in The Netherlands / CIMIC in Belgium 

Search and Rescue at Sea

CIMIC Messenger in 2013

CIMIC in Hungary 

German CIMIC 

Narrative and CIMIC 

CIMIC from a Danish Point of View 

Civil Affairs United States of America

CIMIC Messenger in 2012

Austrian Concept for Civil-Military Cooperation 

“Train as you fight” Preparing for Civil-Military Interaction

Strengthening and Good Governace through Civil Military Cooperation 

CIMIC Messenger in 2011

Successful Implementation of the new
NATO CIMIC Education and Training Landscape

VIKING 11 Exercise

CIMIC in a UN Mission

CIMIC in a Comprehensive Approach

CIMIC in a Maritime Environment

CIMIC Messenger in 2010

CIMIC in a Maritime Environment

CCOE and CIMIC Topics

CIMIC Messenger in 2009

CCOE Visions and Goals