NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course

CCOE’s NATO CIMIC Functional Specialist Course provides Functional Specialists with a profound understanding of NATO CIMIC & CMI activities while focusing on the interconnection between CIMIC and different areas of civil expertise. Within a small, multinational and diverse group, students will learn and practice how to contribute with their civil expertise to CIMIC activities and assessments. Moreover, students will learn how to work in military environments and become familiar with respective products and processes. A small student-coach ratio allows individual training and support to ensure a successful learning experience for all students.  

Subjects of the course

  • Functional specialists’ role by conducting CIMIC core activities, Human Security and relevant Cross-Cutting Topics
  • CIMIC analysis and assessments with focus on functional- and cultural aspects to enhance situational understanding of the civil environment
  • Functional advice  and planning support to the commander, staff and CIMIC personnel
  • Contribution of the expertise to the particular types of NATO operations at different levels (tactical, operational and strategic).
  • Civil-Military liaison with focus on intercultural communication techniques


  • Language proficiency: Students must meet the following standards of proficiency in English:
  • listening – good/3, speaking – good/3, reading – good/3, writing – fair/2 (in accordance with STANAG 6001)
  • Successful completion of the ADL NATO CIMIC Awareness Course


  • The NCFSC will be conducted in 3 iterations per year. 
  • The duration is 1 week.

Tuition fee

Students from Sponsoring Nations: 225.00 Euro
Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 445.00 Euro