The CIC Branch pursues collaborative research on a broad variety of CIMIC topics. Due to the nature of the CCOE’s organizational structure, consisting of a variety of nationalities, it is possible to bring together a unique range of military personnel, scholars, interns and trainees. This provides a solid basis for the development, delivery, and exchange of innovative advice and subject matter expertise on CIMIC for both civilian and military customers.

The aim of the CIC Branch’s research is to:

  • Provide a conceptual framework for the conduct of future CIMIC.
  • Define how future CIMIC will be conducted and what capabilities will be needed.
  • Take new CIMIC concepts or CIMIC related concepts, from others or self-generated, assess their viability and value, and bring them to maturity through doctrine development, scientific research and experimentation.

Accordingly, one of the principal aims of the CCOE’s CIC Branch is to become a premier provider of CIMIC research. In order to achieve this, the CCOE uses its in-house capacity of experienced military personnel with a strong knowledge of CIMIC and attracts scholars with Subject Matter Expertise to complement this team.
Currently, the CIC Branch is working on several publications, doctrinal studies and other research projects. The following overview provides an indication of the current research done by the CIC Branch.

  • Together with assistant professor Bas Rietjens of the Netherlands Defense Academy, the CCOE is in the process of creating a conceptual framework on Civil-Military Interaction (CMI). The CIMIC Centre of Excellence is the acknowledged body for conceptual, doctrinal and educational expertise on the civil-military interface. The conceptual framework is being designed for analyzing and understanding this interface. It comprises of the main issues that are relevant and important to the soldier that has to deal with the civil-military interface on the strategic, operational and the tactical level.