NATO CIMIC & CMI Orientation Course


The aim of the NATO CMI/CIMIC Orientation Course is to provide non-CIMIC & non-CMI personnel with increased knowledge and understanding on NATO’s provisions on CIMIC & CMI, and its relevance in their daily staff duties and activities.

Subjects of the course

  • Explain the role of CIMIC & CMI within NATO and its contribution to a Comprehensive Approach (CA)
  • Explain the contribution of CIMIC & CMI in staff procedures and their relation to other relevant staff functions
  • Explain the mandates, roles and policies of civilian key stakeholders in the civil-military interaction/arena (e.g. ICRC, UNOCHA, IOM, NGOs)


  • Language proficiency: Students must meet the following standards of proficiency in English (as described in STANAG 6001):
    listening – good/3, speaking – good/3, reading – good/3, writing – fair/2
  • ADL-Module is mandatory and needs to be completed by the students before the NCOC residential part.
  • Details about the ADL account will be forwarded after registration to the course.


This course is organised and conducted by NATO School Oberammergau, Germany with support from the CCOE. For more information, please check the website: You can find this course in the Course Catalogue under the number M9-57. To register for this course, please contact the student administration:


The NCOC will be conducted in 3 iterations per year at the NATO School in Oberammergau (Germany). The duration is one week.