NATO CIMIC Liaison Course

The NATO CIMIC Liaison Course trains current and future CIMIC Liaison Officers, both officers and non-commissioned officers, to conduct civil-military liaison activities at tactical and operational level and across the full spectrum of military engagement in complex operational environments. 

The course trains students to be confident with NATO’s liaison and coordination architecture and in conducting respective liaison activities. With the support of experienced NATO staff as well as experts in communication, negotiation and mediation, students will not only receive theoretical knowledge on NATO Civil-Military Liaison but will gain practical experience in intercultural communication. 

After a successful completion of the course, all students will have improved their personal communication skills and are be able to conduct activities related to the CIMIC core function Civil-Military Liaison.

Subjects of the course:

  • Liaison- and coordination architecture
  • Civilian environment assessment
  • Common operational picture
  • Liaison with civil and military actors
  • Interpersonal communication skills


  • Language proficiency: Students must meet the following standards of proficiency in English: listening – good/3, speaking – good/3, reading – good/3, writing – fair/2 (in accordance with STANAG 6001)
  • Successful completion of the ADL NCLC Module and the ADL NATO CIMIC Awareness Course


  • The NCLC will be conducted in 4 iterations per year. The duration is one week.

Tuition fee:

Students from Sponsoring Nations: 225.00 Euro
Students from Non-Sponsoring Nations: 445.00 Euro