Multinational CIMIC Command NIENBURG, DEU

The Multinational CIMIC Command Nienburg is the Competence Centre for Civil-Military Cooperation for the German Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces).

Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) - Civil-Military Cooperation and Psychological Operation Centre (HDF CMCPOC), HUN

The Hungarian Defence Forces (HDF) Civil-Military Cooperation and Psychological Operation Centre(HDF CMCPOC) established on 01st of July 2003 in Budapest, Hungary.
The Centre is the sole provider of CIMIC and PSYOPS professional staff for the HDF, and solely responsible unit for the CIMIC and PSYOPS related training and education of the HDF assigned troops for mission deployment. The Centre provides INFO OPS related professional support taking part actively on the non-kinetic elements planning and execution attached tasks.
The Centre is considered as an active contributor for the HDF operations and missions on homeland and out of area missions as well, playing active roles and provide troops for NATO and EU readiness services. The Centre currently is providing CIMIC and PSYOPS troops for KFOR mission.
The staff of the Centre are permanently participating in homeland and international exercises and courses as training audience and instructors as well.

Multinational CIMIC Group, ITA

Multinational CIMIC Group is the NATO CIMIC specialized unit, projected for the civil-military cooperation at a tactical and operational level. MNCG HQ can be tasked by SACEUR with Collective Defense Operations under Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty and Crisis Response Operations under non-Article 5 in support of peace and international security.

The Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations, POL

As a specialised unit, the Military Training Centre for Foreign Operations (MTCFO) focuses on training CIMIC soldiers to carry out tasks in accordance with their military purpose, preparation of CIMIC elements for JTF assigned to Allied Forces (Assault Capable Forces) and maintaining teams of CIMIC specialists. By achieving the ability to perform tasks in accordance with the requirements of NATO objectives for the Armed Forces of the Republic of Poland MTCFO prepares soldiers to serving and working in NATO and EU commands and headquarters and to participation in NATO and UN’s exercises and peacekeeping operations such as KFOR and UNIFIL. As a training centre MTCFO carries out the task of organising a variety of specialist national and international CIMIC courses and providing qualified instructors for our partners.

Slovenian Armed Forces (SAF) CIMIC Unit, SVN.

The unit was established in 2016 as a specialized dedicated Civil-Military Cooperation unit (Slovene name: Enota CIMIC – eCIMIC).  Its main mission is to support SAF Force Command (including its subordinate units) in the field of civil-military interaction and to appoint CIMIC personnel to NATO forces such as the eNRF. Additionally, the unit is actively involved in NATO CIMIC certified training and education events including major exercises (e.g. Joint Cooperation, Trident Juncture 2018 etc.) and CIMIC Courses in Slovenia and abroad by providing instructors/coaches.

Australian Civil-Military Centre, AUS

The Australian Civil-Military Centre’s (ACMC) mission is to ‘support the development of national civil-military capabilities to prevent, prepare for and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas’. The work of government is complex, and nowhere more so than when we deploy Australians offshore into conditions of conflict and disaster. Our vision is to promote the coordination of Australia’s efforts, both within government and with our international partners.